What We Do

Newcastle Psychology & Health Psychologists can assist you by addressing problems involving personal struggle, relationships, illness, work and ageing. We will equip you with the skills needed to function better and to prevent problems from becoming worse wherever possible.

10690705693_4477e1a77a_zNPH psychologists can help you with:

  • Marital, family and relationship problems
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Sexual orientation issues
  • Impact of stress
  • Fears, phobias, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Depression – Unipolar or Bipolar
  • Loss, grief and palliative psychological care
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Issues related to illness, surgery and other treatment
  • Pain management
  • Trauma including:
    • Sexual abuse
    • War experience
    • Victim of crime
    • Accidents
    • Natural disasters
  • Addictions eg., gambling, alcohol, retail
  • Nicotine and Cannabis cessation
  • Eating and weight control problems
  • Personal growth