About Newcastle Psychology & Health

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About Newcastle Psychology & Health

Newcastle Psychology & Health is first and foremost a Private Psychology Practice. This fact differentiates us from public mental health facilities in that we usually deal with the mental health issues of the general public before they get too serious or long-standing.

It’s not that we don’t see people with serious psychiatric illness from time to time, it’s just that we more typically see functioning people who happen to be struggling significantly in life, at home, at work, at school, in relationships, in themselves.

As such, Private Practice in Psychology is more a preventive tool, helping people to come to a level of resolution before the onset of serious mental illness. This is the great strength of Private Practice. We trust that you will find our strengths helpful in your life.

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Many of the great wisdom teachers have described life as a journey. Sometimes this journey is smooth and easy, while at other times, it can be a real struggle, challenging us to our very core. That is why at Newcastle Psychology & Health, we attempt to meet the person at their point of need and to assist them in identifying patterns in their thinking, their emotions, their behaviour and their inter-personal relationships that might be unhelpful or destructive.

Therapy at NPH is always customised to the client and uses evidence-based modalities that are highly effective. NPH therapists don’t have magic wands nor are we miracle workers, saints or gurus, but as clients work with us co-operatively in looking at how lasting change can take place, many find answers and resolution to their difficulties as they enact that change in their lives.

NPH clinicians know that life is not always fair and that we all struggle from time to time, that we get confused, and that we get stuck and afraid. Often we can help smooth out the road. We know that facing our issues honestly, authentically and courageously is by far the better way to go in dealing with life’s challenges, especially if we really want resolution. NPH clinicians have had wonderful success stories over many years and have been able to help innumerable people with a multitude of different and complex issues.

If you are considering coming to see us, please know that as NPH clinicians, you have our guarantee that we will always do our best to work with you in a collaborative, sometimes challenging, but always supportive way, to assist you to move forward into stronger and more robust mental health and a higher, happier quality of life. Maybe we can help smooth out your road too.