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As a former teacher, Dr Edser has a comprehensive understanding of the unique issues that confront the teaching profession. He regularly sees many teachers at NPH from both primary and high school and from state and private school sectors. He knows the expectations that are placed on teachers by the school system, principals and deputies, colleagues and from society in general. As rewarding as teaching is, it should never be underestimated just how stressful this profession can be – from classroom management to programming, from relationship dynamics with colleagues to workplace peer pressure, from working to time schedules to doing extra-curricular activities, teaching can be a very stressful profession. Dr Edser is always very welcoming of teachers of every level and has a keen ability to identify with their needs and to offer empathic and effective assistance.


As part of his ongoing career, Dr Edser has always kept a keen interest in the academic world. He continues to do guest lectures, and although no longer a researcher but a full-time clinician, still publishes in the psychology literature from time to time. Over the many years, he has seen the various cuts made to higher education funding and their subsequent impact on staff. He has seen the advent and demise of various regimes of the local University and has seen the human impact that substantial and unremitting change can make. Over the years, many academics of every rank have made their way to his Consulting Rooms and have benefited from working with someone who understands and knows only too well the difficulties faced by members of the academy in the modern university. If you are struggling while working at the University, you will be most welcome should you decide to visit here at NPH.

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Police counselling


Of all the professions, it is the police that regularly makes Dr Edser reappraise just what it is that society asks of them. From having to deal with extremely difficult people to having to face death and disaster as a daily possibility, this is not a job for the faint hearted. Most police cope with these stressors, but from time to time, even the most experienced and strongest will experience something that unmasks their confident and controlled composure and causes them to feel undone. In truth, Dr Edser often talks about the ‘robo-cop’ presentation – the cop who constantly keeps a steely face, stays in control at all times, remains disengaged from his emotions and will never allow anything at all to dent his tough exterior. Such men, and they are usually policemen, can end up being exactly the same at home with their wives and children which makes for a not so healthy relationship or family life. Traumatic stress is a very real possibility for police. Dr Edser is well-trained and experienced in dealing with such stress, the more so when it becomes a diagnosable Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; a very serious condition. Unfortunately, he has heard from countless police over the years that the systems in place within the force are inadequate to meet the psychological and emotional needs of police who find themselves in a crisis situation. Given his experience with policemen and women, NPH is a welcoming and private place for all cops.


Over the years Dr Edser has gained something of a reputation for seeing medical doctors. GPs and specialists alike have come to NPH to seek help for stress conditions, relationship difficulties, career issues, peer dynamics and other personal issues. Without doubt the world of modern medicine is a difficult path to tread because of the myriad demands of the job and the incursions into personal time. Many doctors suffer from a dramatic imbalance between work and life which can be perilous for quality of life and for relationships. The demands of the job can rob doctors of family time, of time with partners and even time to look after their mental and physical health. Occasionally, sometimes even doctors turn to unhelpful coping strategies to help them try to make it through another week. Dr Edser spends a significant amount of time assisting people from all walks of life to try to get this balance right and is very experienced in identifying unhelpful patterns and moving clients forward into positive change. For the most part, doctors are incredibly hard working and compassionate people who spend their days caring for the lives of others. From time to time, life can get on top of them too. At NPH, doctors can come in to discuss a particular issue or perhaps just visit for a check-up. NPH is very private, confidential and non-judgemental. You are most welcome.


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