Instant Calmer


Ideal for:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Panic

This session is designed to be a quick ten-minute relaxation for when you are anxious or upset and perhaps time is short or the situation demands something fairly quick. Many people can get very anxious quite quickly. This audio script provides a way to do exactly the reverse; to get you relaxing and settling quickly. In this script, I bring the person to a relaxed state by teaching two important components: the Breath Waltz, to get breathing under control to ensure you are not over-breathing, and Rapid Relaxation, to allow the body to quickly move into the deeply relaxed state without taking too much time to do it. Once relaxed, I take you through a series of self-soothing positive affirmations which you can repeat silently in your mind and we end on a note of well-being and of feeling calmer.


11.5 mins

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