Advanced Deep State Self Hypnosis


Ideal for:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress
  • those struggling with physical illness

& those wanting to learn how to move into deeper levels of self-hypnosis for personal development.

This session is an extended induction into self-hypnosis. It is best used by individuals who are already familiar with deep relaxation or self-hypnosis. Any of the other audio scripts in the NPH Store would be perfect as an introduction as a way to achieve that familiarity. This script uses an extended length of time, 51 minutes, as I slowly take the listener deep into the hypnotic state, always suggesting relaxation and deep calm the whole time. Perfect for the individual who is wanting personal growth, change and deeper levels of relaxation, this audio script takes a slow and measured pace into gaining that state. I use a number of induction techniques using guided imagery and then follow by a series of thoughts that encourage absorption, which is known in the literature as an aid to hypnotic susceptibility. There is also a body-focused relaxation component and a final guided imagery technique that encourages self-direction and personal harmony.


51 mins

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