The Cave


When we start struggling with depression, one of the first things to disappear is our social tolerance. We don’t want to talk to people, we don’t want to be around people. And some feel that they don’t want to ‘inflict’ themselves on others. It’s very sad. The most common behavioural response to all this is that such people can begin to isolate themselves, to cut themselves off from others, to withdraw. They don’t go out. They stop accepting invitations. I call it ‘going into the cave’. And of course, when people go into the cave, they also disengage or unplug from all the things that would normally bring them joy or happiness. The longer they stay in the cave, the worse the depression gets. This first self-hypnosis mp3  for depression addresses just this problem. It deals with the twin symptoms of isolation and disengagement.


27 mins 8 secs

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